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HoneyBee Herbal is an educational site using nourishment as a way of healing for all that seek it.

Our offerings aim to make herbs & their restorative powers accessible to all.

Join us for lectures, hands on classes, seasonal weed walks & community farm to table suppers.

Learn to grow & harvest your own herbal remedies ... Let your garden become your medicine chest! 


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Herbs & Bees & Us...

Our current challenges on this beloved earth may be our greatest opportunity for growth and transformation. May we proceed with awareness, gratitude & a willingness to help!

Honeybees need our help. Increasing numbers of honeybee colonies are dying out due to pesticides (neonicotinoids) and loss of forage due to destruction of natural habitat.
“Worker bee” is a hard earned title, which is well deserved by these pollinators of multiple crops. Honeybees are agricultural (and in turn, economic) heroes. To be clear, without proper pollination, the world’s food source will dwindle, leading to devastation. This is no small matter. For this reason, your help is essential.

Luckily, it is easy to lend a hand! Plant bee friendly flowers* to create natural habitat for pollinators. Refrain from all use of pesticides containing neonicotinoids. http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/press-releases/study-strengthens-link-between-neonicotinoids-and-collapse-of-honey-bee-colonies/

Consider becoming a beekeeper... easier than you may imagine. Your garden will flourish and beauty will abound!!

*holy basil,dandelion, zinnia, echinacea, borage, mints, clover, cosmos, monarda, hyssop, poppies, sedum, cleome, sunflower, coreopsis, lavender & many more.

Saint John's Wort Hypericum Perforatum

As physical beings, we depend on what this earth provides. Our agricultural practice (kindness towards plants & animals) is a reflection of our conciousness and directly relates to our future happiness, health & prosperity.

May this Earth be Blessed with PEACE!

About the founder, Karen McGuiness (Jasdeep)

Jasdeep, third generation yogini founded Kundalini Yoga Connecticut 2007   kundaliniyogact.com                                    She is a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (APRN), holds a masters degree from Columbia University,  practicing for the last four decades at some of the country’s highly esteemed medical centers:  NYU, Yale & Dartmouth 

As a Clinical Herbalist & Educator she has a private practice and teaches about the integration of medicinal plants into our daily lives at herbal seminars.    

She apprenticed for 7 months with Susun Weed, Wise Woman Herbalist in the Catskill Mountains of NY  (2014) www.susunweed.com          

Jasdeep completed a two year biodynamic beekeeping program with Gunther Hawk in Floyd, VA (2015) http://spikenardfarm.org

Graduate of the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine (2015)                          Weekend Herbalism Program taught by 7Song in Ithaca NY. 7song.com

Jasdeep is the mother of five grown children and happily tends to her medicinal herb gardens and beehives in South Glastonbury, Connecticut.


An avid gardner, Jasdeep delights in reporting  the addition of  beehives to her yard, has made all the gardens in the neighborhood prolific!  Her homemade meals, medicinal honeys, tinctures & apothecary are enriched & abundant. 

Jasdeep loves being with the plants & honeybees.  Her favorite hobby is creating beneficial plant preparations from the garden or wildcrafted local organic herbs,  The bees from Jasdeep's biodynamic hives contribute their honey, wax, & propolis, resulting in nourishing creams & salves ...100% free of  synthetic chemicals or preservatives.